Website optimization is vital to your website’s success. But what is it exactly? Search engine optimization is the act of preparing your website’s content and media to be easily crawled by search engines. By optimizing your content and media you make it more visible to search engines. Google, Yahoo! and bing crawl the internet visiting websites to read and store relevant information. When a user uses keywords to search for a product or service, search engines us the submitted keywords to deliver the most relevant search results possible. If a website is optimized correctly, it will have a better opportunity of being included within the top ranking search results. The terms “Organic”, “Natural” or “Earned” results describe website traffic that has been generated from optimization rather than paid traffic through outlets including Pay-Per-Click and affiliate marketing. Generating organic results is your goal. To achieve this goal your website’s content and media must include meta data in the form of: meta descriptions, titles, keywords, tags, alt descriptions and more. This vital data is what is used by search engines to help rank your website. Without proper SEO routines and efforts your website will suffer within search engines. To learn more about our full service website hosting and management solution, please visit our website’s homepage.