Your website is an investment. Protecting it is important. If your website is hacked or if an update causes your website to fail, a previous backup may be the only way to get your website operational again. Website backups are vital and should be done regularly. Daily or weekly website backups are recommended. There are many options available for backing up your website. When selecting a solution for backing up your website you will want to select a provider that offers automated backups and seamless restoration. You also should choose a provider that backs up your entire website, including your database and included media files. If you plan on making any major changes to your website, including updating software or plugins you should always back up your website before hand. This will provide you with a safeguard if something does go wrong during a scheduled update. To minimize stress and downtime, regular website backups are essential to maintaining the health and insuring the equity of your website. For more information on how we can help you with your regular website backup needs, please visit our homepage.