Regular website maintenance is a necessity. The technology used to navigate the web is constantly evolving. From personal computers to mobile applications, your website needs to function correctly and appear attractively to users. Regular website maintenance is needed to assure website security. The internet is filled with malicious bots and hackers who look for weaknesses to exploit. If your website is not updated regularly you may be at risk of an attack. Your website can be destroyed, data can be lost and users can be negatively affected if your website is left valuable from lack of regular maintenance. Malware can infect your website’s contact forms and shopping carts, resulting in security holes. Security holes like these can lead to user identity and credit card theft. With today’s strict PCI compliance standards, an information breach resulting from an infected website could cost you big time. Regular website updates keep your website healthy and help to keep you and your website users safe. To learn how we can help keep your website up to date, please visit our homepage.