When it comes to website design there are many options available on the market. Website builders like WIX, Weebly and Squarespace are a few examples of popular site builders available. Out of the box site builders provide people and businesses with little to no programming experience with the ability to set up a website. At first, website builders seem like a great cost effective solution to your website development needs. What most do not understand, is that when you use outlets like WIX, Weebly and Squarespace for website development, you are not investing into the long term equity of your business. These solutions end up squeezing you into paying monthly website leasing fees that add up substantially over time.

The biggest issue with these solutions is that you do not actually own your website. If you decide to discontinue service, you end up losing your website and any SEO progress you have made within search engines like Google, Yahoo! and bing. When it comes to your online web presence maintaining complete control of your image will be key to your success. Your website is very important, and in most cases is your hardest working employee, who professionally represents your brand 24/7. When developing a website there are many things to consider, the biggest being “What do you want to accomplish with your website”? Your website can interact with prospective clients, it can provide convenient ways for prospective clients to reach out to your practice. By incorporating call to action and opt-in incentives you increase your opportunities of generating better online results. Converting website traffic into customers takes time and takes a fine tuned strategy.

When it comes to developing a website you should demand flexibility and ownership. We recommend that you select a website design platform like WordPress. WordPress websites can be migrated to any major web hosting provider and you own it 100% no strings attached. This will give you the best foundation to build your online strategy from. As time goes on, the longer you own your website the more valuable it will become. Like owning a home, your website gains equity the longer it is established and maintained. As long as your website maintains search engine compliance and is updated regularly you will be rewarded with better organic ranking within top search engines. This will save you advertising dollars and will help maximize your ROI. Our website solution provides everything thing that is needed to develop a strong and effective online web presence. To learn more about the website solutions we can provide, please visit our homepage.