Trends in technology drive marketing strategy. When developing an online marketing plan, you have to understand¬†that your plan will be constantly evolving. Users are viewing online content though a variety of mediums including desktop, mobile and tablet devices. With the rise of the smartphone, nearly 80% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices. This means your website must be mobile compliant. Your website should feature a responsive design, which will respond and adapt to the devise it is being viewed on. Your website will need to load fast and have a user experience design that provides efficient navigation for mobile viewers. Our website solution includes complete mobile compliance and incorporates state of the art features such as, tap to call and quick contact forms that make it easy for website visitors to reach out to your practice. If your website solution is not currently mobile responsive, you will want to make getting it responsive your top priority. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and bing will penalize your website for not being mobile compliant. This could have a drastic negative effect on your website’s ranking and performance. Learn how our website solution can help you to improve your online performance. Visit our website’s homepage to learn more.