sales funnel
The goal of marketing is to generate more business and to develop brand awareness. For lawyers, generating more business means having the opportunity to represent more clients. The modern marketing plan is now dominated by online marketing strategies, with Pay-Per-Click being the go to for many industries. Pay-Per-Click does offer a powerful outlet for quickly drumming up website traffic. If you have a well planned sales funnel strategy implemented on your website, turning website traffic into paying clients can be achieved. The down side to Pay-Per-Click is the uncontrollable variables that relate to individual user purchasing behavior. When a person searches Google, Yahoo! or bing for legal representation, they are searching to fill a need. They are in essence in “Buy Mode“. Most online shoppers who are searching to fill a need perform commonly shared pre-buying procedures or steps. The first step is awareness, or when an online searcher finds your website and becomes familiar with the services you provide. The next step is consideration, or when a website visitor does further research into your legal practice by reading past client reviews or testimonials and by comparing you to your competitors. The final step is the decision and purchasing phase, or when a prospective client takes the plunge and makes a final decision to chooses your practice to represent them. Understanding that only a small portion of your paid web traffic will result in paying clients, you have to make sure that the return on your marketing investment makes sense. Pay-Per-Call services like the service Lawyer Lead Pages provides, may offer your practice a better marketing investment. A direct call to your practice is worth much more than a click to your website. When you have the opportunity to speak directly to a prospective client you dramatically increase your chances of earning their business. If you have not considered a Pay-Per-Call service before, please visit our homepage to learn how our Pay-Per-Call solution could help your practice more cost effectively generate better quality leads.