Finding Pay-Per-Click success can take time and resources. Pay-Per-Click solutions provided by Google, Yahoo!, bing and Facebook offer some of the most transparent and measurable results possible. Most Pay-Per-Click outlets provide you with a way to easily monitor your click through and conversion results. The problem is that Pay-Per-Click can be expensive. When starting out, you may eat up your budget by using bad keywords or by poorly identifying the demographics of your targeted market. Industries with low competition can “clean up” with Pay-Per-Click, while other industries with higher competition may not have the same result. Competition drives up the price paid per click. When competition is high, a more fine tuned approach is needed. In the Legal Industry, lawyers are among the the list of highest paying Pay-Per-Click advertisers. With clicks costing upwards of $25 - $133 each, lawyers have to be strategic to maintain a profitable return on their marketing investments. Strategies that include GEO targeted ads, which focus ad placement within highly specific areas can help to cut down on direct competition, which lowers the average cost per click in most cases. When developing an online marketing plan, Pay-Per-Click can be a great inclusion within your mix, you just need to make sure you are continually monitoring your results and adjusting as needed. For more information on how we can help you with your online marketing efforts, please visit our website’s homepage.