The internet has made many people successful. As time goes on, the methods for success have changed dramatically. Since the birth of the modern search engine, getting found has gotten a bit harder to do. Google has essentially segmented the internet. Search results are delivered based on a wide list of variables. Geo location, keyword usage, user search behavior and other demographics are used to pin point results for users. Business internet marketing strategies must continue to evolve to stay effective. As technology changes so do design standards. As more users are accessing the web and performing searches from their mobile devices, more of a demand for mobile compliance is needed to maintain a positive user experience. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and bing penalize website ranking if a website is not mobile compliant. Having proper SEO practices are crucial for developing and maintaining a long term online marketing strategy. Optimizing image size, and including all meta data information is vital for generating priceless organic results for your website. The online business world is stuck on overdrive. If you are not regularly updating your website and creating fresh content that is optimized with keywords, titles, tags and other meta data your website will get left behind, hurting your practice’s bottom line. For best results, you should work with professional web developers and internet marketers who can help you to capitalize on new industry trends. If you would like more information on how you can get your website updated and compliant visit our homepage to learn more.