Facebook with it’s 1.59 billion users makes it a great outlet for advertising. Facebook’s advertising platform is very similar to Google Adwords. You have the option to pay per click or to pay for impressions. You have the ability to fine tune your targeting, by selecting from a variety of demographic and personal interest targeting¬†variables. Facebook offers a unique advertising platform that is proving to be a very powerful tool for generating quality leads and business opportunities. Facebook allows you to create graphic and video ads. Ad’s are displayed on user profiles within their news feeds and sidebars. You have the ability to target either or both desktop and mobile users. Facebook provides transparent analytical data regarding your Ad’s performance. Like Google Adwords, Facebook advertising can also be expensive for highly competitive industries. To maximize your results on Facebook, you will need to create ads that capture the attention of your targeted market. You will need to continually monitor your Ad’s performance and adjust your ad’s settings when needed. To learn how we can help you with you online marketing efforts, please visit our website’s homepage.